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09.05.05 07:33 Age: 7 yrs

Ecumenical mission conferences in the 20th century

 [ENI] The 12 world mission conferences from 1910 to 1996:


1910 Edinburgh

The first world mission conference took place in 1910 in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is considered the starting place of the contemporary movement to promote church unity. The conference spoke of the need to proclaim the gospel to "heathens" and to spread the values of "Western civilization". It was exclusively Anglican and Protestant and did not include the Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches. The conference laid the foundations for the creation of the International Missionary Council (IMC), formally constituted in 1921.

1928 Jerusalem

The next conference met in 1928 in Jerusalem after the First World War. Its protagonists included nominally "Christian" countries, something seen as calling into question the notion of a link between "Western civilization" and the Christian message. The 1917 communist revolution in Russia was also seen as a challenge to the then task of evangelising the entire world
"within one generation". (…)